Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girlfriends Playdate

On Thursday morning Isaiah's girlfriends came over.  Sarah, Brook, and I (the Mommy's) have been trying to do a Mommy playdate at least once a week throughout the summer.  This week the playdate ended up being at our house.  It was fun to host everyone- especially since all the kids did something "special" while at our house!

This picture doesn't show the "special thing" that Lilly did, but I didn't capture her special moment on camera so this will have to do since it is a cute photo.  Lilly was such a big girl at our house because she had a few seconds of sitting up on her own!

Michaela's "special thing" was that she crawled up onto our first step all by herself.  While at our house she also pulled herself up on our toy box and then let go to show us a toy and she stood there by herself for a few seconds before holding back on.

Unfortunately, Isaiah loves to move so his "special thing" picture is blurry.  Isaiah has learned how to push the glow worm all by himself.  Now he can listen to the wonderful music without Mommy or Daddy by his side.  He loves swaying to the music!

Isaiah loves his new pelican toy from Becky and Dave.  He was trying to show the girls how the pelican can open and close, which is one of his favorite games to play right now.
Lilly had a snack and then it was time for her nap.
Michaela enjoying snack time at our house.
Isaiah enjoying snack time too!  Thanks for making/sharing the yummy banana muffins Brook!  We can't wait to get your recipe.

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