Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meeting Friends at the Park

Last Wednesday Isaiah and I met Karen (my teaching partner from a couple years ago when I taught at Joan Austin) and Grant (her son) at Snyder Park in Sherwood.  Karen had seen Isaiah only one other time when Joan Austin did a small shower for us in early June (just a month after being home).  It was so fun for me to show Karen how much Isaiah is becoming more comfortable around us.  We enjoyed a yummy picnic lunch and lots of great visiting.  Thanks for such a great visit friend!    
Isaiah had fun sitting on these large rocks and clapping!
Isaiah let Karen hold him a couple of (short) times.
Isaiah loves clapping (yes, that is what he is doing in this photo) so much that holding onto the playground equipment isn't a priority yet!
Grant, Karen, and Isaiah enjoying the playground!

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Brad & Emily said...

I love it that Isaiah is wearing my present to him!