Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Shoes, Saturday Market, Campbell's 2nd Birthday Party

We bought Isaiah new Nike tennis shoes at Fred Meyer a couple weeks ago, but he hadn't worn them yet until today.  He LOVED his new shoes.  On our drive to the Saturday Market he studied his shoes for most of the drive.  He even found the cool Nike swoosh on the bottom on his shoes!

We enjoyed walking around Saturday Market this morning.  We took Grammy (who is here for the next month) with us and viewed many cool different booths.  We didn't take any pictures, I guess nothing jumped out as a photo opportunity.  We didn't buy anything either.  We did have a good time though! 

This evening we celebrated Campbell's 2nd birthday.  We had yummy BBQ steak for dinner, played outside, opened presents, and ate Dairy Queen cake.  Here are a few pictures from the evening...

 These are the two presents we got Campbell.  A puzzle and a book!
Playing with his new puzzle.

  Nonna and Pops gave Isaiah a present today too... he got musical drums!

We also celebrate Aunt DeAnn's birthday too!
Nonna and Pops gave Campbell a puzzle too.  Pops is making the construction truck drive on Campbell.  He thought that was very silly!
Isaiah thought Campbell got some pretty cool toys for his birthday.  The boys did a pretty good job sharing even thought the toys were new.
Great Grammy and Grandad gave Campbell a really cool truck.
 Isaiah thought the truck was pretty cool too.  Campbell was okay letting Isaiah play with the truck until he realized all that the truck could do (drive on hardwood and break lights come on when it stops) and then he wasn't really interested in sharing the toy.

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Brad & Emily said...

I love your new shoes Isaiah! One of the staff here, his son's name is Isaiah and it makes me think of you.