Saturday, March 07, 2009

Stan the Vacuum

When we got married one of the gifts we were given was a vacuum cleaner. It was probably a 50 dollar value, and has worked for the past few years. However, Travis has not been overly pleased with it ever since we got it. So this weekend we decided it was finally time to upgrade. We went to Sears and a nice man named Stan explained to us each of the different features on the vacuums. We picked one and in Stan's honor decided to name our vacuum after him. Here are some pictures of our new household toy!

Meet Stan the vacuum, and check out all the awesome features!
I was trying to take a family photo, but someone didn't think I was funny.
Opening the box!
Doesn't it feel a little like Christmas?
Our new vacuum!
This part Travis is holding is called a pet power mate. Stan recommended we use it on our stairs. We hope it works wonders because the stairs are one of the hardest things to vacuum in our house.
Travis is truly enjoying the new vacuum, but I am not sure he is showing it in these pictures.
Travis vacuumed the whole house and now it looks lovely! I have a wonderful husband.

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Emily said...

You should see our geto Egyptian is awful! I love a good vacuum so I will have to try out yours when we are there in the summer :-)