Thursday, May 05, 2016

Sleeping Babies and Animals, Fancy Hair and Nails, and Day at OMSI February 3, 2016

Esther is constantly making little beds for dolls and animals to be able to take naps and sleep.
Today there is a tiny kangaroo sleeping with dog on the blue pillow.

Esther requested that I paint her nails.  Her nails are so tiny and she can hold still really
well so it is actually a pretty quick task to do.  I think she looks super cute with painted
nails so I don't mind doing it for her.  She has also been requesting that I use hair ties
to do her hair.  That means I can do pig tails, pony tails, and braids-it's fun!

 Here is another opinion writing piece that Isaiah did..

We were supposed to go to the World Forestry Center with some friends, but
when we got there we realized they were closed on Wednesday.  Bummer!
Good thing we have an OMSI membership.  We still had a blast hanging out!

This was a new table for us to explore.  It involved spinning so Isaiah was impressed!

We have never explored this area much, but I know it's not new.
Isaiah had a blast moving the Lego pieces with the crane.

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