Thursday, May 05, 2016

Mom's Group, New Trucks, And a Possible Migraine February 2, 2016

I helped plan craft time for today's mom's group.  The moms and kids got to work together to make a LOVE sign. Everyone seemed to have fun and the projects turned out so cute! 

Since my kids had already done the project at home so we would have samples they
were happily entertained by a Daniel show on the ipad while everyone else created.

After our craft time we went into our regular room for the rest of the moms group time.
We started by playing play dough for a bit.

Followed by playing other toys!

Then it was snack time and these guys were HUNGRY!

A couple sweet girls weren't ready to be done with play dough yet.

There was time for more playing and being silly!

We finished by doing some Valentine stickers.

Here are my LOVE projects hanging up now that they are done being samples.
I LOVE them!

Isaiah's trucks with lights arrived in the mail.  He is pretty excited about this new toy.

Isaiah finished school this afternoon since we were at church this morning for mom's group.
Then he was happily playing with his trucks.  Esther woke up from a nap and we decided to
watch 'Home.' However, something happened and he was quickly changing...fading.  We
now think he may have had a migraine.  It started out as thinking he was going to barf...but
I gave him some Motrin and got him to fall asleep for a little while in my lap.
We were successful in having no barf!

Poor guy-didn't say his head hurt, but I think we finally figured out that was the root of the problem.

This evening we went to put a toy cubbie box away and realized Isaiah
found a special garage parking spot for his new trucks...ha!

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