Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Trying to Buy Snow Clothes and Isaiah's Writing January 6, 2016

I had ordered some snow clothes before our surprise snow day because we would like to take the kids to the mountain to play in lots of snow at some point this season.  One of the pieces I ordered just arrived.  This is a pair of 4T snow pants.  What a crack up...They didn't fit either kid right.  I bought them for Esther, but they were HUGE on Esther.  I decided to see how they fit Isaiah since I had them, but were super SHORT.  So I guess we will save this 4T pair as a Esther grow into pair and try again.  Luckily Isaiah has a pair of snow pants that I ordered specifically for him that should still arrive and might actually work.

Its fun to see Isaiah pick his writing topics.  Isaiah has always loved Dr. Seuss books.  Even though his reading ability is getting better and better he still prefers the comfort of some of these more simple Dr. Seuss books.  I love to see him enjoy books and then pick to write about books!

He even had a picture to go with his story since Pops drew theses things last night when we were at his house per Isaiah's request!

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