Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Moms Group January 5, 2016

I found a cute book online called Snowflake, Snowflake What Do You See?  This book was what inspired our craft project.  A snowman-since the last page of the books says, "I see a snowman, Hey that's me!"  Isaiah LOVED the book and was happy to be the big kid that could read the book over and over to the other kids.  

This was the finished project of my kids craft project.  Isaiah is the first one and Esther is the second one.  The kids seemed to have fun making the snowman.

We also made snowmen for our snack.  They got 3 white powder donuts and 3 banana slices as the two bodies for their snowman.  Then they got pretzels for arms, chocolate chips for eyes, candy corn  for noses, and blue berries for buttons.  They had fun playing with their food.

We also had fun playing with white play dough.  A couple snowmen were even made!

After Moms Group we went to Nonna's house.  Esther set up her dolls with their snacks and then she made sure to read to them.  I love watching little kids play and today was filled with that joy!

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