Thursday, January 23, 2014

Esther's Dedication Sunday, November 17

Esther is a gift from God! God knew before she was born that she would be privileged to have birth parents and us!  We believe this is a true blessing from Him.  We were able to publicly acknowledge that we are dedicated to raising Isaiah and now Esther to love and follow the Lord.  The Sunday after her birthday party and just a few days before she officially turned one we had the chance to celebrate Esther Annah Elizabeth with our church family.  We are honored to be her parents and teach her to follow Jesus! 


Message Title:  Choose Gratitude

Summary:  The single most stressful time of the year seems to be the period between Thanksgiving and New Years.  You start to worry about presents.  You start to worry about parties.  You start to worry about all kinds of problems that happen, gifts and finances.  Some of you worry about the relatives you’re going to have to see.  The stress level goes up significantly.
As we look ahead the weeks leading to Thanksgiving and the Holiday season, I felt like I needed to share with you, as I encourage myself, a place to look in Scripture where we find answers to stress and worry. The Bible says don’t worry about anything but pray about everything. Is it possible to choose a life of gratitude?
Bible Reference:  Philippians 4:6; Matthew 6:34; Habakkuk 3:17

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