Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Esther's Birthday Day (11-20)

We kept today like a fairly normal day for Esther since the weekend had been so full.  My friend Heidi came to visit us on Wednesday morning.  She is amazing and of course brought Esther a birthday present and both kids some fun Christmas treasures from Target (where she is currently working).  I don't have a picture of Esther opening her gift... it was the Fisher Price Little People Growing Garden and Farm Stand- she (and Isaiah) love it!  

After a morning of visiting and playing we took Isaiah to preschool.  After preschool he enjoyed playing with the new Christmas treasures from Heidi.  Isaiah enjoying their new Rudolph and Clarice stuffed animals that sing during his snack time!

  Esther had fun playing with her new shopping cart from Nonna and Pops.

We finished our low key day by going to Mazatlan with Nonna and Pops.  Esther loves the beans!  She also enjoyed getting to eat some of the whipped cream off the fancy dessert they brought to us.

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