Thursday, July 26, 2012

On Monday, July 23 we had a small senior year college roommate reunion.  Bree, a friend who lives in Eugene, and her two children Javon and Oliva came up to see Emily and Joy and Isaiah and I for a play date.  We met at my house first and then headed down to McMinnville Discovery Meadows Park. Bree had read about our recent trip to this park to meet Elise, Campbell, and Greyson on my blog and wanted to check the park out. Isaiah was happy to go back and enjoy the SLIDES!

Isaiah was sure to find all the fun twisty slides first thing!
 Going down the super swirly steep slide one at a time is great!
 A little wild, but she came out smiling!

Heading back up together...

Going down together, not so good. Olivia bumped both sides of her head, she was done sliding after that...

There are so many different sections to this park that the kids moved around a LOT!  It was constant work to keep track of all of them, but the kids had fun so it was worth it.
Trying a ride on the spinning seats; a little too wild. Isaiah was smart enough just to spin them while standing up.

The kids enjoyed playing inside of the train tunnel.


 Elise, Campbell, and Greyson joined us at the park too -since they live in McMinville.
 Greyson is totally walking now- so he had fun playing at the park.

 Javon made Olivia go under his legs to get through.

The kids also enjoyed the sand pit!

 Isaiah thought it was fun to bury himself with sand.

Campbell and Isaiah enjoyed hanging out on the spinning toy.  Campbell got a good ride and Isaiah got a good workout!

Eventually the kids were starting to get grumpy and needed a car rest time so we left the park and headed back to our house for a little more hangout time.

When we were just about home my mom called me and said she ran into Katie at Fred Meyer (Katie is another college roommate who lives in Idaho, but was in town for Yearly Meeting at George Fox).  Mom gave me Katie's number and I invited her over for a quick play date.

Isaiah & I, Emily & Joy, Bree & Javon & Olivia, and Katie & Maddox filled our house!  We were just missing our college roommate Mary & her daughter, Avery- next time!  It was fun to catch up with everyone and meet adorable children.

Emily's husband Brad was around at the end of our play date and Javon thought he was pretty cool... as does Isaiah!

At the end of our visit we quickly took a few friends photos...
 (Not totally sure why but Bree and I both had red objects in our we posed for Emily)
 (We got rid of the red objects, but personally I think the first photo was better)

Bree also made a gift for Isaiah...super cute-thanks friend!

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