Friday, July 27, 2012

Shopping Day with Emily (and Joy)

On Tuesday, July 24 Emily, Joy and I got to enjoy a shopping/errands day together!  I love getting to do the normal day to day activities with Emily when she visits.  We got to go to Target, Costco, Panera Bread for lunch, and Bed Bath and Beyond.  We were both successful in getting a few items from our lists.

Isaiah didn't even have to be bored by our shopping/errands day because Pops was working for home since Nonna and Pops were having some trees cut down on their property. Isaiah got to spend the morning/afternoon with them!  Thanks wonderful parents for being awesome grandparents!

Brad, Emily, and Joy had dinner plans with some friends, but we still enjoyed an evening of hanging out-playing toys and chatting afterwards.  Our family sure does loves baby Joy!

Isaiah asked to hold baby Joy, but then he wasn't too sure...

Then he asked to hold her again, but kind of ignored her and kept playing his toy...
...until she started grabbing his shirt-then he was done!

Isaiah loves Brad!

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