Thursday, June 28, 2012

We Are Home-Our Full Monday

I figured Isaiah would be happy to sleep in his own bed on Sunday night and that he would sleep in on Monday morning.  I was wrong though, he woke up around 7 and wanted to play with his stuffed animals.  He was tired, but priorities..sleep or toys?

Eating isn't Isaiah's favorite thing ever...but eating while on vacation in new locations and with new people is especially no fun.  He managed, but ate way less than when he is at home.  He proved this theory to be true because on Monday morning (and almost every meal since we have been home) he started loading the hump again.  He ate TWO pieces of toast...toast was rejected all last week and I think I finally figured out why too.  He is very particular  about the foods he is willing to eat so knowing that I had packed our bread and our butter, but I didn't pack our toaster oven and I think that is the difference.  I noticed/missing my toaster oven on vacation too, but I have reasoning skills and just dealt...I guess Isaiah dealt too-he just refused to eat it.


On Monday we unpacked our VBS treat bag and he found this airplane whistle...he is still trying to figure it out, but is doing pretty well.

On Monday morning I tended to our garden and our raspberry crop was in and ready to be picked and eaten! Yum!

I cleaned our floors on Monday too.  Isaiah was happily entertained playing piano for me while I vacuumed and steam mopped.

He studies EVERYTHING...he has his head close so he can listen to the different sounds.

We went to Fred Meyer to get a few groceries with Nonna, had lunch with Nonna, and then Isaiah and I went to Target and Costco.  On our way home from our shopping errands a certain little one was sleepy.  Luckily he feel asleep in the car and let me transfer him to his bed once we got home and continued to sleep until about 6pm (so between a 2 and 3 hour nap).

Monday evening we signed papers to refinance our house.  This is our THIRD time since buying the house six years ago.  Crazy!  We started at 7, went to 6, then 5, and now at just under 4 and we are so thankful to be saving a little extra money each month.

After signing papers we went to Nonna and Pops to have dinner with them, Aunt DeAnn, Grammy, Grandad, and Uncle Chuck.  It was great to visit with everyone and dinner was super yummy!  Mom and Aunt DeAnn made a new recipe-a pasta and veggie dish.  Once I get a copy of the recipe I will have to post it so others can try this delicious goodness!

Monday was also our official 7 year anniversary- so we had ate ice cream bars together in the evening!    I love my life with this man and the family we have together.  Looking forward to years 8...9..10 and more!

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