Friday, June 29, 2012

First Farm Berry Picking of the Season

The crop of raspberries we picked from our backyard on Monday was yummy, but small.  On Tuesday, June 26th we went to Koch's Farm to pick more raspberries.  I love picking is such good entertainment for me (and I think Isaiah likes it too).  I could easily go pick berries once (or even more) a week.  I love the process of picking and then the fresh berries to eat for a few days is good too.  I am sure we will be making many more trips to the raspberry farm this summer!

While picking raspberries Isaiah remembered/rediscovered that he liked picking the berries and then eating them instead of picking them and filling our buckets.  Isaiah has been on a no eat fresh fruit kick for some time so I was just excited that he willingly tried the raspberries.  Don't worry as soon as we got home and I offered him a eat raspberry was the response I got.  Wow, this kid is so on his OWN schedule, but I sure do love him!

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