Saturday, June 30, 2012

Reptile Man

On Wednesday, June 27 Reptile Man was in Newberg through the public library.  Since I have been working in the mornings the last couple years Isaiah hasn't really been to many library events (story time is always in the morning).  Reptile Man sounded like a fun event so I invited Nonna, Elise, Campbell, and Greyson to join us.  Well, we did ok at the was hot, we were far away from the stage/presentation, and our kids have short attention span/aren't obsessed with reptiles.  So after about 30 minutes (half the program) we kindly slipped out so as not to continue to be the loud program disturbers.  We enjoyed looking at books and playing in the library instead for the second half of the show.

In case you can't tell...those are two tortoises!
It was so hot Campbell wanted water, but Elise only had Greyson's sippy cup- Campbell didn't mind.

In case you can't tell it's a snake!
Super cute that the boy love each other and love hugging, but clearly they weren't into Reptile Man's show!

Another snake!

Greyson started in the stroller, but wanted out.  Isaiah started out, but wanted in the stroller. 

Inside the library the boys had fun playing puzzles!

Greyson had fun practicing his walking skills...he is getting so close!

After Reptile Man and the library we came back to our house for lunch and then Nonna, Elise, Campbell, and Greyson went home.  Isaiah took a nap, then we played at the park, went for a walk, and played in our backyard all before Daddy got home from work.

Here are some pictures from playing in our backyard.

I am thankful for the warmth and sunshine today!

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