Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Still Getting Allergy Shots...And Still Doing Lots of Waiting

Every time I go in to get my allergy shots I have to wait for 30 minutes after the shots to make sure I don't have a reaction.  Last week while we were at the doctors office Isaiah asked to go upstairs (where the kids toys are located...smart boy, and not sure why we haven't done this before).  While he was playing I took this short video of him enjoying different toys than the ones I normally bring to entertain him!

He was also wearing a new outfit... 3t clothes, such a big boy!  And yes, my boy is wearing a pink shirt, he loved it and talked about it all day!  Isaiah wearing a pink shirt reminds me of Korea because pink isn't just a girl color there, and I think he can still pull it off and love super handsome!

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