Monday, July 11, 2011

Berry Picking With Aunt Kayla

Last Friday Isaiah and I went berry picking with Aunt Kayla.  We went to Koch Farm in Saint Paul.
Isaiah was very content walking up and down the raspberry fields. 
He loved carrying the bucket too, although it stayed mostly empty.
The few raspberries in his bucket were Mommy contributions, but eventually he started to get the hang of picking berries.  Unfortunately, most of his berries still didn't make it into the bucket and I am not sure how many berries my silly boy ate!
Trying to get a picture of Isaiah and Aunt Kayla, but Isaiah was too busy!
Reaching for a delicious raspberry...that was just a little out of his reach.
Walking back from the raspberry field... 1 hour of picking, 7lbs of fruit, $7.35!

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