Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Card Project

I found a cute Mother's Day card project in my May Family Fun magazine.  I had my 3rd graders create these cute tea cups for their moms and then I made a few to share too.  It still wasn't the perfect class craft project as there still seemed to be a lot of teacher effort, but I think they still liked them. 

I pre-traced the teacups onto the paper.  The teacup needed to be on the fold of the paper, which I figured some kids wouldn't be able to accomplish.  Then a couple of my early finisher (good cutting skills) students cut out the majority of the teacups.  Next, the kids had a choice of two sayings:  I hope you have a tea-riffic Mother's Day or You're my cup of tea! that they got to write in their card.  Afterwords, they use stamp pads and made finger print flowers (some turned out much cutter than others...I constantly have to get rid of my high expectations).  Finally, they glued the pocket and stuffed a tea bag into the card. 

Our celebration of Mother's Day included: Travis getting me a yummy doughnut for breakfast, going to church, having lunch, relaxing at home while Isaiah took his afternoon nap, and then we went to Nonna and Pop's house for dinner and crepes for dessert.  It was a pretty low key day, but a good day.  I was thankful not to be in an airplane and flying this Mother's Day!  Travis and Isaiah (but really Grandad since he is helping build it) are still working on my gift.  Hopefully I will have a counter stool (see picture below to get the idea) in the near future!  Then, Isaiah can actually help me cook more easily.


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