Friday, May 06, 2011

Celebrating Our First Family Day!

On May 4, 2010 we met Isaiah in Korea for the first time at 10:30am.  We were at Holt for about an hour learning as much as we could about Isaiah from his foster mom.  When we left Holt we took a 30 minute subway ride back to our hotel. Isaiah rode in the carrier on me and fell asleep during the subway ride.  Once we were back at the hotel we gave Isaiah a bottle, took off a layer of clothing as he was super hot, and began to enjoy our son.  We skyped with family and showed Isaiah his cups!  We left the hotel again and headed out to have a late lunch.  We ended up finding an Italian restaurant (our first meal in a restaurant in Korea since we had only arrived the night before and had eaten the hotel breakfast).  After lunch we explored Insadong, a shopping district close to our hotel. An honestly the rest of the days agenda isn't as clear at the morning/early afternoon.  I know we were excited to finally have Isaiah in our family, but we were also learning how to be parents- which was a little stressful. 

On May 4, 20ll, (just one year later) the circumstances were completely different.  We started the day as  a normal routine day-we both worked in the morning and Nonna watched Isaiah.  However, Travis took the afternoon off so that we could celebrate our first family day by going to the zoo.  What a difference a year makes!  We still have our days that we are learning how to be good parents, but we have learned so much already too.

This was our third zoo trip with Isaiah.  We went last summer, last December for Zoo Lights, and then yesterday.  Yesterday, was by far the best trip.  The weather was in the 70's and Isaiah had so much more vocabulary that he was able to share his excitement about the zoo.

Here are some highlights from our zoo trip...

 We left our house around 1(close to Isaiah's normal nap time).  We told him that he could fall asleep in the car and we would wake him up when we got to the zoo.  Guess who feel asleep about 10 minutes before we arrived at the zoo?  Short nap, but he was in a great mood.

The first animal we saw were the bears.  He was very excited to see bears.  He said, "hi bear" a lot.  He also counted the bears... "one, two"  "two bears!"

This was how we spent most of our time at the zoo.  Isaiah wanted to walk, and walking for Isaiah means holding hands with both of us.  So one person(Travis in this picture) pushed the stroller with his left hand and held Isaiah's left hand and the other person (me) held Isaiah's other hand and then I held the camera my other hand.  Yes, our hands were full!  I think that is the life of a parent.
In reviewing some of the Korea videos the foster mom told us that he doesn't like baths.  I do remember that giving Isaiah baths in Korea was pretty tortuous. He has gotten better, but he still isn't a fan of water in his face.  He still seems to be very cautious around the water.
 He did love the fish in water though!

At the last part of the Great Northwest section of the zoo there was a cougar.  I hadn't even had a chance to tell Isaiah the type of animal and he says, "cat...big cat!"  Yes, cougars are big cats!

 We are at the money cage and I am trying to show him where the monkeys were.  I think he saw them.  And then he directed them by saying "lay down monkey".  He loves do say "sit up and lay down" to himself, his toys, pretty much as often as possible.
 Throughout the zoo trip we tried several times to get a Mommy and Isaiah photo.  This was our best attempt and someone seems a little wiggly!
 He wasn't any more cooperative with a Daddy and Isaiah picture either.
 There were several times we made him ride in the stroller... and he was not happy!
Thank goodness for the stroller because it allowed us to get at least one cute picture of Isaiah since he had to be more still.
 Looking up at his silly Daddy!

Singing Matilda the Gorilla (one of his favorite songs) with daddy!
 Daddy talking to Isaiah about elephants.
However, instead of looking at these amazing animals...
 Isaiah was focused somewhere else.  What, you aren't sure what this picture is highlighting?  While in the elephant barn Isaiah noticed the fans on the ceiling. 

And the best...we were taking a video and talking about the fans when the zoo worker asks if we have any questions. Too bad we didn't think quickly enough to ask... um, yes can you tell me the schedule of your fans?

In one of the Discovery Centers we found a fun place to take some pictures of Isaiah.  We actually got a couple smiles. 

Towards the end of the zoo trip, in a darker exhibit room Isaiah FINALLY decided it was time to pose and say cheese.  Ah, the perks of having kids!
While walking past these rocks I told Travis that we should take another picture here (I was thinking we had taken a picture here during a previous visit). However, after the photo shoot that wasn't a huge success... I remembered we didn't take a picture here, but instead I changed a dirty diaper in the stroller in this rock alcove.  Ah, fun times!  I am much more thankful for hugs from Isaiah than changing a diaper!
Daddy and Isaiah looking at the hippos!
Isaiah was very excited to see the "G" rafts!
All the fun at the zoo made Isaiah tired, so he took another short car nap.
Poor baby still gets upset when the sun gets in his eyes, but I am glad he has learned how to cope and isn't just crying when the sun gets in his eyes!

We are so proud of how much Isaiah has grown and learned in just one year of being home with us.  We love him so much and we are so thankful to have the opportunity to be his parents!

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