Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Field Trip to Franz Bakery

On Monday my class went on a field trip to Franz Bakery.

Our field trip consisted of a brief history of the Franz Family Bakeries.  Our first rotation was a half hour tour of the facility.

This is a picture I got from the Franz website because we were not allowed to take our cameras on the walking bakery tour.  However, this picture does have our amazing tour guide-Becky!

Next, our group visited the interactive learning centers where there were books to read and mind teaser work sheets to do.
This was a neat activity that the kids seemed to enjoy.  The goal was to pick 12 items off the shelf and then practice restocking the shelves.  They had to make sure to put the bread packages back in the right location, with the label showing, opening facing the wall, etc.

Finally, we enjoy a snack of bread, butter and apple juice and are given gift bags to take home.
 We got a tiny loaf of bread in our gift bag!
 We got these fun bread hats!

And we got a new magnet...can you spot it among the gears?

I had a lot of fun on this field trip!

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