Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

A little note about Koreans celebrating Valentine's Day:  February 14th marks Valentine's Day--the same is in Korea, but on that day women are the ones that buy chocolate and gifts for the men. White day is a very special day that falls exactly one month after Valentine's day, on March 14th and that's when it's payback time, and the men are expected to return the favor.

One way we celebrated Valentine's Day was by eating chocolate covered strawberries that Nonna made for us!  Isaiah LOVED them!  Thanks Nonna!

Listen closely for "Yummy, huh?"  He says this at almost every meal!

Isaiah got a little sad after the first chocolate covered strawberry was all done, but was much better once we let him have a second one!

Another way we celebrated Valentine's Day was we exchanged gifts with each other.  I got Travis a couple things for his office:  he got a new framed picture of Isaiah and I and a Oregon Ducks sign (No pictures were taken of his gifts, maybe we will have to go visit his office and see if we approve of his decorating skills!)  We got Isaiah a heart balloon, which we thought he would love because all during the month of February every time we went to the grocery store he pointed out the heart balloons.  However, all I heard today was "balloon, no balloon" thus no pictures of him holding his balloon.  Travis bought me some lovely flowers, which was a nice surprise after work today.

Isaiah also got a special card in the mail from Aunt Jolene and Uncle Lance.

I also celebrated Valentine's Day with my class by having a class party.  Prior to the party I asked my students to participate in a Valentine box decorating contest.  The award categories were Most Humorous, Most Creative, Most Romantic, Best Academic box, Best Animal Theme, and Best Sports Theme.  My students did a fantastic job.  Here are a couple of the winning boxes!


 And it isn't a party without a yummy sweet treat...the students got to decorate heart shaped sugar cookies with TONS of candy!  Yes, they were hyper and I was glad I got to leave at noon!  My wonderful students also sent me home with lots of yummy treats and sweet cards to enjoy.

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