Thursday, February 24, 2011

Korean Meal

Last Friday evening we meet Trav's parents and his sister and her husband at a Korean restaurant in Beaverton.  Trav's parents were in town because his dad had been at an education conference all week.  We decided to do a special meal to celebrate Craig's birthday a couple weeks early. 

Travis didn't get a super clear picture, but at least you get the idea.

We got to cook our food at our table...and as you can see we had tons of food! 

Unfortunately, Isaiah didn't love this experience and thus was super clingy to mommy!   We aren't exactly sure what triggered being so upset.  Isaiah had skipped a nap to go to a playdate earlier in the afternoon, but he did get a car nap.  However, he woke up just minutes before going into the restaurant and being around lots of family.  The restaurant also had a very strong Korea smell... so who knows maybe that triggered something too.  Interestingly this Korean meal experience was very similar to our second day with Isaiah in Korea when we also had a Korean meal with our tour guide. 

Overall, we had fun sharing a Korean meal with our family!  Craig thought it was a great birthday dinner as he loved a lot of the side dishes!

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