Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Classroom Pets

At the beginning of the year we told our 3rd graders that if they earned 20 Dolphin Splashes (Dolphin Splashes are earned as a whole class not as an individual) then they could get a class pet.  We thought this would encourage them to "buy in" to the school behavior plan.  The class was doing alright collecting the Dolphin Splashes, but they just earned the 20 Dolphin Splashes in January (we thought this might happen earlier in the year).  Since they got to 20...of course they wanted their class pet.  Well, after doing some shopping research, taking a class vote, and then a little more shopping we have two Egyptian Spiny Mice as our class pets!  They seem to be doing pretty good adjusting to their new home so the mice are making the trek to school this week.  However, one of them bit me the other day so I don't think the students will be holding them...more just observing them.    

This isn't the greatest picture because he was running into his house with some precious food!

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