Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Court Finialization

Yesterday we went to court and finalized our adoption.  Both Travis and I took the day off from work.  We didn't do anything particularly special in the morning but it was nice to spend the morning as a family.  We had Isaiah take a short (30 min) morning nap, which isn't normal in his schedule, but since our appointment was at 1:10pm we knew we could have tired issues.  The short nap really helped him keep it all together and he did great!  And as a result ...  Isaiah is officially our son!
Lots of our family waiting for court to start.
Waiting outside the court room...all on his own doing he tried to get inside the court room.

Waiting for our turn to go into the court room...Isaiah decided it was fun to explore his tie!

Isaiah with his Aunt Elise and Uncle Dan (he isn't really picking his nose-he just like to find eyes, nose, mouth etc)
Nonna with her grand babies
Inside the court room

Meeting Judge Collins

One of my coworkers loved this pictures because of my huge smile, so I thought I would given everyone the enjoyment of seeing this picture!
The Judge asked us to talk about our adoption story...the process of how we got Isaiah!  Isaiah was smiling at our family who were sitting in the jury box.
Travis made sure to introduce all of our family that came to share this special day with us.
Isaiah didn't want to sit still while the Judge talked to us about how wonderful it was to have adoptions happen in his court room, but at least my brother in-law Josh got this cute photo.
My handsome son!

Our family of three- Praise the Lord for the blessing of Isaiah as our child!
All of our amazing family that made the effort to come to Isaiah's finalization.  We love all of you!

Isaiah and Judge Collins- he did really well!
Isaiah and Daddy


Aimee said...

How wonderful! Congratulations! It's so great that all of your immediate family was able be there to share this special moment with you. I bet it's great for the judge when he gets to be part of such a joyous occasion as opposed to the ugly cases he must have to deal with on a daily basis.

Nonna said...

This was the formal goverment action... but I think Isaiah was offically part of your family the first day you saw his picture! He is definitely a cute one and is a fun addition to the family.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations you three! You all look sooo happy and content - it brought tears to my eyes!

-Sarah Sargent