Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last Monday We ALMOST Had to Buy a Cow

We didn't ALMOST have to buy a real cow, but a toy cow that cost $6.99! 

Here is the rest of the story, while Travis was in class on Monday evening Isaiah and I went to Kaiser to get my allergy shot and then we meet my parents for dinner and to run a few errands.  Target was one of our errand destinations.  I was getting a few needed items while Pops entertained Isaiah (conveniently in the toy section).  I guess my Dad was giving Isaiah and animal he would tell him the name of the animal and the sound the animal made.  Isaiah would hold it briefly and then hand it back to my Dad ready for a new animal.  However, when my Dad gave Isaiah the cow, who says moo... he became attached.  He did not want to exchange the cow for another animal.  In fact he carried the animal around the whole rest of the store while we collected our needed items.  Throughout the store we kept trying to distract him and get Isaiah to give us the cow without being super sad... however, we were continually unsuccessful in our attempts to retrieve the cow.  

Since this is his first toy he has really become attached to at a store I was feeling like maybe I would just buy the silly cow until I realized it wasn't a few dollars, but instead seven dollars!  In the end, we did finally got the cow out of his hands and diverted his attention and avoided the buying a toy cow situation! 

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