Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Friday, October 8th was a no school day because it was a state in-service day.  I enjoyed the day off from teaching and an extra weekend day to spend with my family.  We spent the day at Sauvie Island pumpkin patch and had lots of fun!
We all packed a yummy picnic lunch and the weather was great!
Our family of three enjoying lunch.  Isaiah liked sitting on mommy's lap and getting to eat all of my food too.
Sisters holding each others babes.

After lunch we explore the pumpkin patch barn.  This pumpkin was outside the barn...we were trying to get Isaiah to stand next to it but he was on the move!  I guess he was really excited to see the animals.
Next, we waiting in line for a hay ride to take us out to the pumpkin patch field.  Isaiah found this lovely orange fence to help entertain him while we waited in line.
Campbell found going through Nonna's legs to be his source of entertainment while waiting in line for the hay ride.
Nonna, Travis, and Isaiah enjoying the hay ride.

Elise giving Campbell a smooch on the head while on the hay ride. 
Nonna and Pops enjoying the hay ride.
The gang on the hay ride... I guess the kids didn't like the sun in their eyes!
Attempting a family shot...and Isaiah is showing his true colors in this family photo...he was not interested!
Campbell decided to give Isaiah a kiss on the hay ride.  I LOVE this picture because these cousins are so good together!

We finally arrived at the pumpkin patch field and we got to get off the hay ride and go explore!
  Isaiah taking in the rough terrain at a pumpkin patch.
Isaiah discovered drumming pumpkins is a lot of fun.
Isaiah sharing dirt clods with Nonna.
Isaiah attempting to sit on a large pumpkin.
Both boys attempting to sit on large pumpkins.

Teachable moment from the pumpkin patch:  When you fall down in the dirt, just stand up and brush your hands together.  Here is the progression of Isaiah's learning (through pictures):
Isaiah brushing his hands together.
Showing us his hands.
Showing himself his hands and wondering are they clean yet?
One more brush together for good measure.

And to close to this pumpkin patch post here are a few pictures of my silly nephew whom I love dearly!
 Campbell playing with his mommy while sitting on a pumpkin!

 Giggling and being goofy when his mommy wanted him to take a nice picture with her.
Campbell being goofy and gross by licking his daddy's face when trying to take a nice picture with him.

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