Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy 29th Birthday Travis!

Yesterday, was my husband's 29th birthday.  To celebrate we had Abby's pizza for lunch and Red Robin for dinner.  My husband loves him some good food...and here are 29 reasons why I love him!

  1. You are an amazing husband
  2. You are my best friend
  3. You make me laugh
  4. You give huge hugs
  5. You willingly hold me when I need to be snuggled
  6. You give wonderful back massages
  7. You give excellent foot massages
  8. You are a wonderful musician and I love listening to you sing and play the piano
  9. I am thankful that you always take out the trash
  10. I am thankful that you always fill the cars with gas
  11. I am thankful that you always keep up on the car maintenance
  12. I am thankful that you are a good handy-man and can fix lots of house projects
  13. I appreciate that you are easy-going about what meals I serve you (waffles for dinner)
  14. I appreciate that you will run errands/go shopping with me
  15. I appreciate that you try to help keep the counters picked up
  16. I am grateful for how hard you work at work to bring home the big bucks
  17. I am grateful that you are getting your masters even though sometimes I don’t love all the homework
  18. I am grateful for your knowledge about technology and computers
  19. I love watching Thursday night shows with you
  20. I love going on evening walks with you and chatting
  21. I love going on simple “out to dinner” dates
  22. I love playing games with you (especially Settlers of Catan)
  23. I love doing winter break house painting projects with you
  24. I loved going through the adoption process with you and making a dream come true
  25. I had fun traveling to Korea with you and I hope we get to again…soon!
  26. You are a great dad
  27. I love how you play wild with Isaiah
  28. I love watching Isaiah run to you saying “Hi Daddy!”
  29. I am enjoying learning how to be a good parent with you

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