Sunday, March 21, 2010

Backyard Project

We thought we were out of projects to do, but alas we found another one to do before Isaiah comes home.

This weekend, on Saturday, we had amazing weather (70 degrees) so Travis and I spent the day outside in our backyard. We built a planter box and re-landscaped our small backyard.

Travis went to Home Depot in the morning and bought all the wood we would need to make the planter box. While he was gone I did the dishes, vacuumed the upstairs, and cleaned our bathroom.
When Travis got home he started cutting the wood into the pieces we would need.
I worked on making sure all the weeds were taken out before we put the planter box on top. Once the wood was cut Travis and I worked together to build the sides.
This picture of my shadow was the only one I got of me during this project. I am okay with that since we hadn't showered and were looking grungy.
The layout is beginning.
The pieces are being connected.
Our box is built and we are beginning to put in dirt.
Travis spilled dirt in our newly laid rock.
We now have a planter box along the back fence, rock (which was there before because it is part of our drainage system, but we added a new layer of rock this weekend), and then hazelnut shells.
Another close up of all our hard work.
The final culminating shot. I love how it looks. However, both Travis and I are feeling a little sore today from the project. We can't wait to start planting stuff soon.

All in all this was a good distraction project for us as we are really struggling that we don't have Isaiah home yet.

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