Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break Week Rundown

My week of Spring Break was filled with these things...

Monday- I spent the day with my sister and my nephew. We played toys at my house, ate lunch at Abby's with uncle T, and went to Fred Meyer. It was a fun day!

Tuesday- My mom went with me to the eye doctor and then we did a little shopping. I bought a cute new pair of Nike tennis shoes. We met up with the boys (Trav and my dad) for dinner at Baja Fresh. Trav washed my car, and then we sat in the hot tub.

Wednesday- I had lunch with Sarah and Brook and their girls. It was great to see them. Then I ran a few errands.

Thursday- I had bad allergies Wednesday night and didn't sleep much so Thursday I didn't have a ton of energy. Travis took the day off and we helped my mom take care of Campbell. I took a great 2 hour nap today!

Friday- We went to Longbeach, WA. We meet up with Trav's parents and sister and husband for the day. It was a lot of driving, but good to see family.

Saturday- We slept in, made waffles, went to Abby's for lunch, worked on organizing our gifts for Korea, and watched a movie.

Sunday- Enjoyed church, had a yummy lunch of chimichangas, ran a few errands to make a couple of returns, had fun walking through ToyRUs. We bought Isaiah a Fisher-price camping toy. It came with a tent, lawn chair, fire pit, roasting marshmallows stick, bunny, and an Asian girl. I wish it had been a boy, but alas Fisher-Price doesn't seem to make Asian girls. I am going to email them though=) Then we made a yummy dinner of stuffed peppers and watched a movie.

Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures. We do have some from our beach trip that I will need to post later.

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Emily said...

I love it that you posted what food you ate....made me feel like I was there during spring break. I want your recipe for stuffed peppers :-)
Happy Easter. We are off to the beach.