Sunday, March 21, 2010


Earlier this week....

I wanted to take Sophie on our walk, but since she got hurt (November) we haven't felt comfortable to take her on walks. This is getting harder for me as we are starting to get some nice weather. I was brainstorming that maybe I could carry her in our baby carrier. Travis said NO ... Unfair! I think he is embarrassed for me to carry her in the baby carrier even though she would probably like it.

I have been talking to my parents about them getting a new pet for the grand kids (and me). I suggested a hedgehog. They seem so cute! My dad said NO ... Unfair!

Update: Well nothing is decided for sure yet since he did look at a hedgehog today at Critter Cabana.

I would really like to hear that Isaiah has EP, but NOTHING from the Korean Government yet. Unfair!

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