Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Campbell's 1st Birthday!

Saturday July 25th was Campbell's 1st birthday party.
There were a lot of different food options for lunch. Yum!
Campbell is enjoying his lunch.
Family photo, but notice what Campbell wants instead.
His first taste of cool whip frosting and cake.
He dug in, but he didn't get super messy.
Elise is showing him the cake that everyone else got.
Look at that satisfied face.
Playing now more than eating.
Opening presents was crazy. Look at all the people who love Campbell and gave him a gift.
Campbell played with some toys for awhile and then he went swimming.
He loves the pool!
Campbell and I are playing in the pool, out of the pool games!
The party ended with bubbles! It was a fun 1st birthday for Campbell.

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