Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beach Trip with my Grandparents and the Willis Family

We went tot he beach on the first weekend of August . Travis was excited to have an opportunity to fly his Nemo kite. The wind wasn't the greatest, but he had a good time anyways.

Elise and Campbell enjoying the beach together.
Mom to the rescue! Campbell willing went after the waves.
Campbell had a couple falls while on the beach, but again mom to the rescue!
Grandad with Elise and Campbell.
Campbell liked playing in the sand.
Travis and I at the beach. Yep, it is summer and I have my fleece hat on because I was freezing like always.
Travis and I were trying to get Campbell to want to take a picture with us. We were giving him kisses to try and make him laugh. He thought it was ok.
He thought kisses were ok until his mom and dad tried to give him kisses. Look at that face!
Travis and I enjoying the beach.
Grammy and I trying to stay warm while on the beach.
This beach trip also included playing some miniature golf at Grammy and Grandad's campground. We had a lot of fun.
Grandad trying to make the best shot.
Grammy working on making a better shot than Grandad.
Travis won the game of golf.

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