Monday, August 24, 2009

My 27th Birthday

My day started by Emily and I going to a friends farm to pick fruits and vegetables. Then I babysat for Taylor and Sam, two fun neighbors of mine. Next, I met Elise at the mall. And finally, I had an amazing dinner of potato noddles made by my mom.
Guess who put the candles in my birthday dessert.... Travis, and he put all 27!
This fish face is posted on my blog in honor of my silly sister who loves fish faces!
I love my sister!
Elise and Dan gave me a little orange bird to put up above my kitchen cabinets. Dad was giving the small bird a hug.
Elise and Dan also gave me a spring form pan. Now I can make my yummy cheesecakes whenever I want.
Aunt DeAnn gave me dark chocolate covered almonds that are AMAZING! If you haven't tried them you should because they are very yummy. And a gift certificate to Applebee's .
This isn't the best picture but it was a cool memory. This summer Emily had a super cute white shirt she wore while staying at my house. I kept saying I liked it. She ended up surprising me and getting her sister Julie's similar version of the white skirt and giving it to me on my birthday. And Elise is totally laughing because she wanted to borrow the white shirt for a Willis family photo they were taking the next week.

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Emily said...

I made it on the blog...TWICE! :-) I had a fun summer with you. miss you friend