Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Snow Day January 3, 2016

We had a surprise snow day.  There wasn't a ton of snow, but enough to take advantage of the snow day.  We had a fun walk around our neighborhood, made some snow angels in our driveway, and sled down the hill in our backyard!



We attempted a family selfie!  It was a good laugh.  I sure love my family!

I was trying to get a picture of both of them and the cute path behind them.  Isaiah was more interested in throwing snowballs instead of taking sweet photos.

Throwing snowballs at the light post.

We are back home and safe in our driveway, yes Isaiah now you can make snow angels!

Our cuties cooperating and posing for us in Daddy's truck!

Who doesn't want to make a snow angel is Daddy's truck?

Isaiah and I had a tiny snowball fight.

Everyone else was done being outside so Isaiah moved to the backyard to explore.  Sure, jump on the snowy trampoline!

Isaiah wanted to make snow angles EVERYWHERE!!

We took videos of our sledding adventures!

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