Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Easter -Pop's Pictures 4-5

Pops took some pictures for us in our matching Easter clothes.  
Isaiah was happily willing to get his picture taken ... for the first couple photos and then the typical not interested in photos attitude happened.  Oh well, we still got a couple cute pictures!

Esther kept giving us goofy smiles and moving her legs.

Ah, sweet brother and sister snuggles!

Here are the family pictures.  

We ate a yummy lunch and then the kids got to search in the big Easter grass basket for their gifts.  The boys all remembered the Easter grass and were super excited.  It didn't take long for Esther to get excited also!

Once all the presents were found the kids spent time playing in the grass!

Nonna and Greyson started playing a very silly game.  
Nonna dropped all the grass on Greyson's head.  

Even Abby got grass piled on her.  She was not a fan!

Yep- we had a grass fight!  It was wild!

Finally a little time to relax in the grass...

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