Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Easter 4-5

Here are the kids Easter boxes.

Esther's box

Isaiah's box

I had fun setting up Marshmallow with the Easter boxes.  I even found a tiny bunny candy for Marshmallow to pretend to eat.  I thought I was very funny so I sent a picture to my dad.  Sometimes he and I have similar humor.  He sent me back a wonderful response!

Here is my dad's response... ha!

The kids loved their boxes!  They were happy about the donuts and enjoyed them for breakfast.  Since then they have become addicted to the tiny muffins that were also included in their boxes.

Isaiah was very excited about all the books in the boxes.  He immediately wanted to read the books to Esther.  We had time to read a little bit, but since it was a church morning we had to move quicker to breakfast than he might have liked typically.

Eating the donuts-YUM!

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