Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas With Our Kids and Morgan/Mitchell Family Christmas 12-24

We wrapped the kids presents last night so that we could do Christmas with our little family this morning before the rest of the Mitchell/Morgan crew came over this evening to celebrate with us.    

Our cuties in their matching Christmas jammies and their pile of presents!

The opening has begun...

He opened Bing Bong first (not on purpose- which I would have guessed would be his favorite), but he did a great job being excited about all the different presents he got.

Esther got tiny Anger. 

Isaiah got tiny Joy also!
They have caught on to us...they are getting Inside Out Toys!!

Esther was so excited to give Joy a big hug!

Isaiah was cracking us up.  He would open a character and then make the face to match the characters feeling.

They both did such a great job taking turns in who was opening and then watching each other as they opened their presents.

We love this Disgust face!

We tried to get Esther to do the feeling faces too, but she wasn't as into it.

Tiny Fear!

Soft Fear!

Esther got a soft Bing Bong that also needed a hug!

This face kind of says it all...She LOVES her Sadness doll.  

The final present that they opened was a Peter Pan ornaments set to represent the first play they both went to see this year.

We carefully hung one of each ornament on the tree.

So the kids got all the Inside Out Characters in tiny version and soft stuffed animal version.  They each opened different ones, but they were all meant to be shared between both of them.  For the most part they have done a fabulous job sharing the characters. Esther tends to sleep with Joy and Sadness on her bed.  Isaiah tends to sleep with Fear and Anger on his bed.  Bing Bong is the character that goes between their two beds at night.  Of course all the characters get brought downstairs to play during the day!

After presents our little family got ready and visited Mazatlan for lunch.  It was yummy!

Before we knew it our cousins had arrived!!
The girls helped me make some brownies for dessert.

We had a simple dinner of nachos, watched a Christmas movie, enjoyed dessert, and each others company.

Josiah LOVED our train, so he and Isaiah checked on the train often!

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