Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Advent Present of Kid Safe Kitchen Knives, Making Thumbprint Cookies, Extended Family Christmas 12-22

Both kids got a kid safe kitchen knife.  We had Isaiah try his out first when he wanted a snack of some apple.  It was a little hard still, but he managed to make a few cuts.  It is fun to have his help in the kitchen!

We also made another Christmas cookie today-Thumbprints.  Isaiah was very involved in helping me make these cookies.  I was surprised by how long he wanted to help me and how willing he was to get his hands dirty to make these cookies.

Isaiah is helping me dip the cookie balls in the egg white mixture.  I'm so proud of him!

Once Esther woke up from her nap she was just as helpful!

This evening we had our extended family over for a gifts exchange.  We started by playing with the kids and having them color plastic cups that then we could melt down.  It was a fun little craft.

Then we shared desserts!

Next, we introduced our family to a new game/tradition that will hopefully stick.  We had gift cards wrapped up and then played a white elephant exchange still game with them.  It was a lot of fun!  The funny memory from this year was Isaiah opened a TON of the gifts.  Somehow his gift cards kept getting stolen, but he didn't mind at all because his favorite part was opening each present.

We finished by exchanged a few other gifts with each other. 

All the boys got remote control cars from Grammy and Grandad!

Esther cracked us up.  Every gift that she opened up she would walk around the circle and make sure to show each person the special treasure that she got.  It was so sweet to watch her thankfulness!

Campbell and Isaiah got a circuit board from the Ayres Family.  Campbell started checking it out immediately!

Isaiah busted out his new remote control car!

Esther got a Tip doll from Grammy and Grandad.

We had a fun evening with our family and we sure do love everyone!

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