Sunday, March 15, 2015

Old Fashion Festival Parade (7-26)

We went to the parade with the Daniel family again.  Our kids (and Travis & I ) sure love this family!
Here are the highlights from the Old Fashion Festival Parade!

Here comes the parade!

The police motorcycles are so awesome because they drive in tight circles.

A horse and American flag!

Our college... George Fox University represented!

Isaiah is ready for the loud fire trucks!

Esther and Mommy cuteness!

More cool cars and trucks!

These pictures were for our neighbors who love Dutch Bros...but couldn't join us for the parade.

The marching band music was amazing!

More horses!

Esther was a happy girl!

Dogs that were almost as big as horses-ha!

A cool tractor.

More fire trucks!

Parades are loud, but Isaiah thinks they are great!

We even saw a train!

We went out to lunch at Red Robin with Chuck, Cheryl, Kelsey, and Kelsey's roommate Rachel.  
The kids thought the girls were fun!

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