Sunday, March 15, 2015

Farm and Campbell's 6th Birthday! (7-25)

This summer I signed up with Mustard Seed Farms.  The deal is you pay 12 dollars per person and work 12 hours per person and you get as much produce from the farm as you would like and can use. Isaiah wanted to go to the farm (or he didn't want to leave Mommy).  He liked the environment for a bit, but wasn't really old enough to be an efficient worker (which I knew ahead of time) so it was easier most times I did my hours for him to not join.

What a cute farmer I have!

He loved the tractors!

They have a swing in their front yard! 
He got to test it out at the end of our hours for the day.

Since we have done a lot of camping we have learned some fun new ways to cook food.  
The food is so yummy we even tried it at home- cooking inside!

We went to McMinville to visit the birthday boy!

Showing us his new toys!

 Ice cream treats! 

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