Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Playing at Nonna and Pop's House While Daddy Does Taxes (2-15)

Aunt Jolene and Uncle Lance sent Valentine's Day mail that entertained Esther for awhile.


Pops helped entertain Isaiah by playing stickers.  Since I was tired of Christmas
stickers we moved to Easter stickers.  He had a blast decorating Easter eggs!

He made four full papers full of Easter eggs with decorations!  He was so proud of his artwork!

Isaiah ended up opening his Aunt Jolene's and Uncle Lance's present at our house later in the evening.

He was very excited about all the pictures Jolene sent from our trip there last summer.
He is so looking forward to playing in the fountains again!

He wanted to give Lance, Jolene, Lydia, and Thiago kisses goodnight!

Admiring his wall!

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