Monday, December 16, 2013

Preschool Songs (11-14 and 11-15)

Sometimes Esther refuses to nap at home while Isaiah is at preschool and then proceeds to fall asleep in the car on our drive to get Isaiah from preschool.  So annoying, but good thing she is so cute!

Isaiah learned about mat man at preschool and he is now obsessed.  It is a song from a writing program, "Handwriting Without Tears."  He wants to sing and draw Mat Man all the time right now!

Song Lyrics
Mat Man has 1 head, 1 head, 1 head Mat Man has 1 head so that he can think
Mat Man has 2 eyes, 2 eyes, 2 eyes Mat Man has 2 eyes so that he can see
Mat Man has 1 nose, 1 nose, 1 nose Mat Man has 1 nose so that he can smell
Mat Man has 1 mouth, 1 mouth, 1 mouth Mat Man has 1 mouth so that he can eat
Mat Man has 2 ears, 2 ears, 2 ears Mat Man has 2 ears so that he can hear
Mat Man has 1 body, 1 body, 1 body Mat Man has 1 body to hold what is inside heart, lungs, stomach
Mat Man has 2 arms, 2 arms, 2 arms Mat Man has so that he can reach
Mat Man has 2 hands, 2 hands, 2 hands Mat Man has so that he can clap
Mat Man has 2 legs, 2 legs, 2 legs Mat Man has so that he can stand
Mat man has 2 feet, 2 feet, 2 feet Mat Man has so that he can walk

He also really likes his Three Brown Bears Song

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