Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Birthday Pictures (10-26)

So... I guess I love Pinterest and it is starting to show as I work on my blog posts.  I saw a cool picture idea where you have your child sit in a chair and hold a balloon for however old they are going to be.  I decided to try the idea with Esther and Isaiah this year. 

The picture I liked on Pinterest showed traditional plain balloons so that is what I had in mind. However, when I went to the dollar store that wasn't an option.  I weighed my options back and forth and finally picked five blue stars for Isaiah and one purple star for Esther. The lady working at the dollar store blew up all the blue star balloons and then realized they were out of purple stars...ugh, now what! So I picked a different balloon- a pink balloon with cupcakes that says Happy Birthday.  

However, when I came home to do our photo shoot I quickly learned that the shape of Esther's balloon wasn't great when the wind blew.  The Happy Birthday didn't show and the shape looked that meant a lot of pictures weren't options all because of the balloon choice.  They aren't prefect, but the kids had fun with the balloons and it did the job for cuteness before passing the party information along to family.



This is the photo card we emailed our family to give the party information for 
Esther's 1st birthday and Isaiah's 5th birthday! 

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