Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Aunt Elise, April 22nd

In the morning Isaiah, Esther, and I went for a walk in the nice weather.  

Isaiah has really started enjoying wearing his sunglasses!  

Esther is still loving napping in the carrier!

We met Elise and the rest of our family for dinner at Red Robin.

Esther wore her party dress... with sunflowers since it is also Earth Day. 

While were were at Red Robin I texted with Aunt Cheryl a bit...she requested photos of our celebration.  The kids were busy being entertained and not too interested in photos.  The Willis boys brought dice for everyone to play with and Campbell also brought his stop and go signs, which Isaiah LOVED!



After dinner at Red Robin we went to Woodhaven Park (a favorite park in Sherwood that we used to go to lots when Nonna and Pops lived in Sherwood).

Aunt Elise decided Esther was big enough to test out the swing...Esther wasn't overly impressed yet.


Isaiah loves this tire swing!  Daddy got him going really fast.

 Esther with the birthday girl...too bad it was sunny and Esther closed her eyes.


Isaiah with the birthday girl...getting ready to sing and do candles!

Isaiah made Aunt Elise a birthday card. 

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