Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zoo Trip

On Saturday, May 26th we took another zoo trip.  This time we went with Aunt Kayla, Uncle Josh, and baby Kiara.  This was Kiara's first time riding the Max AND going to the zoo!  She did great as she slept through most of it.  These are a few highlights from our trip!

We got few family pictures throughout our trip since we had extra photographer hands to snap pictures.

 Isaiah is still very much in love with tractors!


 Isaiah watching Josh instead of cooperating for a picture.

 After lunch, with full bellies we got a couple cute family photos!

Yes, we still bust out the carrier every now and then...and my boy loves it!

When we took this picture for them we thought it turned out awesome.  It wasn't until we got home and loaded it on the computer that we noticed Kiara wasn't very happy...bummer.  Next time!
 Giggling boy as we left the zoo!

Isaiah LOVES the Max!  This might have been the highlight of his zoo trip.

 This goofer poofer face pretty much shows how in love he is with the Max.

The zoo trip tired Isaiah out...he quickly feel asleep on the car ride home.

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