Thursday, May 31, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Family Time

Grandma and Grandpa had arrived to our house by the time we got home from our zoo trip.  We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and evening relaxing as a family.  There was lots of holding baby Kiara!  But we also made a yummy dinner and went for a walk around our neighborhood (just not as documented...something about taking pictures of a baby trumps all other activities).

While we were busy making dinner Grandpa was in charge of entertaining the kids.

After dinner and our walk we were chatting in our living room.  I asked Isaiah if he wanted to hold baby Kiara...I didn't think he would want to, but he said yes.  These are our first GOOD pictures of just the two cousins.  It was so cute to watch him holding her.  But when he was done, he was done and just scooted out from under her without asking for help or communicating her was all done holding her.  I was glad I was standing right there and swooped Kiara up into my arms.

I love this picture- Kids and Mommies!

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