Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Year's Eve

Now that I am done with my 800 Christmas blog posts and now that it is January 25th I think it is about time to blog about our New Year's Eve celebration.

In tradition fashion we celebrated New Year's Eve with our good college friends the Puckett's and Sargent's!  It was the Puckett's year to host and they did a wonderful job.  We had delicious appetizers for dinner and even more delicious brownie sundaes for dessert.

I had the privilege to hold baby Josiah several times during the evening and at one point I even got him to fall asleep in my arms-PRECIOUS!

Before the kids went to bed...(which Isaiah did AWESOME, he slept on the Puckett's futon) we took our traditional group picture.  We sure are expanding each year!  Isaiah was born in 2008 (although not home until 2010), Michaela was born in 2009, Lily was born in 2010, Josiah was born in 2011, and the Sargent's have already taken care of adding to the 2012 picture as they have a little boy due in 2012!

Last year we started the tradition of ME holding ALL the kids...we made sure to carry out that tradition again too!  My arms are going to be really FULL next year!

For comparison sake here are the pictures we took last year...

Travis had deemed 2011 "The Year of Kalina"  Well, 2011 didn't turn out how we had hoped, but we are thankful for God's continued provision in our lives.  We are anxious to see what God has planed for us in 2012.

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