Saturday, August 13, 2011

July 25-July 29 Week of Vacation

Travis took a week of vacation between finishing at George Fox and starting at PacifiCorp.  We didn't end up going away for our vacation but did enjoy several activities fairly close to home.  Here are a few of the highlights from our week.

On Monday Grandma and Grandpa were here until afternoon (Isaiah's nap time). We enjoyed hanging out around the house.  Travis had his last class for the summer (he is currently on a break from school until September. )

On Tuesday we went raspberry picking.

 On Tuesday afternoon Travis went to the social security office and was able to get Isaiah's name changed on his social security card.  We were finally able to finish this task as we have his passport and his certificate of citizenship.  Yeah, all of Isaiah's adoption paperwork is complete!

On Wednesday morning we work on a few house projects.  Travis built me a few shelves in our entry closest that are going to be used as a small pantry.  Travis had a dentist appointment in the afternoon.  We went to Busters BBQ for dinner with Nonna and Pops.

On Thursday we went to the beach...  We started by going to Lincoln City.  We got to the beach around lunch time.  We tried a new restaurant called Humble Pie Pizza.  It was an interesting place, but pretty good food.  Then we went to the outlet malls and got a few good deals.  When we finally went down to the beach it was SUPER windy!  If was difficult to get good pictures as sand was pelting us.

We weren't on the beach for long beach it was seriously very miserable getting pelted by sand.  Travis was convinced that the weather is better at somehow he convinced me to also go to Seaside.  Since it was another hour and half drive in the car...I got a starbucks coffee to distract me.  It worked for awhile...I am so not a good car rider!

But I guess it was all worth it because Seaside was a lot more fun than Lincoln City (at least on this day).  Isaiah LOVED riding on the carousel.

 We also enjoyed walking around the Seaside shops.  While in the Seaside toy store we found a tiny giraffe.  We showed Isaiah and he really liked it so we decided to invest the 49 cents and get a tiny giraffe to entertain our boy (yes, to this day we still have and know where tiny giraffe is).
Meet the newest member of our family...ha, I guess he is just a fun toy!

Isaiah is holding tiny giraffe and giving him a hug in this precious!

It was less windy at Seaside and the sand is MUCH softer.  We had a great time enjoy the Oregon Coast!

On Friday we enjoyed most of our day at home.  In the evening we meet us with some friends.  The girls, Sarah and I got to enjoy dinner out while the boys, Josh and Travis took care of the kids.

On Saturday we enjoyed the town of Newberg.  In the morning we watched the Old Fashion Parade.  On Saturday evening we enjoyed the fireworks show.

It was so nice to have a week of family vacation tune even if it was a stay-cation.

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