Saturday, February 05, 2011

In Honor of My 200th Post...

I am doing a THEN and NOW post.  I am documenting about something my son loved in Korea and still loves today-cups! 

Here are two video clips--that never made it on the blog because I just recently downloaded them from the video camera=)--of Isaiah playing with cups in Korea!  These videos were taken in the afternoon on the same day we got Isaiah.  No need to pay attention to all of our background conversation(remember this was our first day as parents)...just enjoy Isaiah's sense of discovering!  

Here is a current video clip of Isaiah still thoroughly enjoying playing with his cups!

It has been so fun to watch his development of play grow.  He continually amazes us!  Hopefully you noticed in the video clip that he now knows how to set up multiple cups "into position" all by himself so he can have several cups spinning all at the same time.  This truly makes our boy happy!

In honor of his love for things that spin--we just purchased this shirt for him.

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Aunt Jolene said...

I loved the "then and now" Isaiah has grown so much. He is adorable playing with the cups on the first day that you had him. What a sweet little gift from God. Jolene