Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Visit to the Children's Museum

This morning we met another adoptive family at the Children's Museum.  We met this adoptive family during one of our HOLT parenting classes.  They were planning to adopt from Vietnam also, but when the country closed they moved their paperwork to Ethiopia when we moved our paperwork to Korea.  Their son came home the end of March and turned 2 in April (a little quicker and a little older than Isaiah).  We had a great time watching the boys play at the Children's Museum.  There were so many different rooms to visit and lots of excitement to be had!   

Here are a bunch of pictures from our morning explorations at the Children's Museum!

Isaiah loves to brush his this area was a big hit for him!

Ah, Daddy is trying to feed the alligator Isaiah! Silly Daddy we were supposed to be brushing the alligators teeth.
There was another little girl at the museum who wanted Isaiah to wear the construction outfit...Isaiah wasn't impressed!  He kept the hat on for about 2 seconds.
Daddy built Isaiah a life size Lincoln Log cabin.  He had fun crawling inside.  Then 2 other kids joined him-it was a little crowded inside.  When they crawled out he followed and was done being inside the cabin!
For those of you know Isaiah's love of spinning items it will not surprise you that he tried to spin most of the grocery store items.  However, we were able to distract him from spinning and actually play in the grocery store!
The boys had fun playing together at the grocery store.  It was just their size and so life like.  The beeping scanner was a favorite!

Isaiah loved putting the grocery items down the conveyor belt.
They also had a Pet Hospital.  Isaiah liked seeing all the puppies and kitties!
Guess what he Isaiah is doing in the Pet Hospital?  Yep, spinning a white pet dish.
Say is that a blue pet dish he is spinning now?  Yep!
We were able to show to how to play in the Pet Hospital and he had a good time.  He liked shutting the animal cages!
And he loved rescuing the puppies!
These pictures were taken in the water room.  Isaiah liked this room pretty well but our new friend LOVED this room!

Friends playing together in the water!

Playing music was a great activity for Isaiah!
He even decided his hand was a good drum stick!
At the beginning of the clay room there was a table that said this was alphabet month.  Isaiah loved finding all the letters and showing off what he knows!

The Tinker Toy Room is on exhibit through Jan 23. 
One of my favorite pictures from the day!
Yep, spinning the Tinker Toys!
Checking out a filter system with Daddy!

We had a great time exploring and hanging out with new friends!  We hope to go back again sometime soon!

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Aunt Jolene said...

I loved the pictures from the museum. I miss Isaiah when I see how cute he is and how much fun you guys are having. I'm so glad he is a part of our family.